Roof Cleaning

Your Roof is One of the Most Costly parts of Your Home. Hire an Expert to Take Care of It

Roofs are incredibly functional parts of our home. They keep us cool and comfortable during the hot Florida summers. They keep the rain and wind out during cooler and wet spring and winter months. Unfortunately most of the roofs here in Southwest Florida are made of cement tiles and asphalt shingle which easily grow mold and mildew over time. The growth of mold and mildew not only looks bad but also takes detracts from the life of the roof.

Most Home owner associations mandate that homeowners keep their roofs clean since it such a large part of the curb appeal for the entire neighborhood.

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Dirty triple stack roof Clean triple stack roof
2 vented roof dirty 2 vented roof clean
Dirty roof back Clean roof back
Dirty side vent Clean side vent

We Walk With Care To Prevent Wear And Tear Of Roof Tiles And Shingles

We take the utmost precaution to prevent wear and tear or damage to your roof tiles and shingles. Our certified team follows all OSHA guidelines, and only use low-pressure cleaning methods with minimal direct contact. This not only protects your tile and shingle roof when we clean and it, but limits your liability as a property owner. We also create a digital file with before & after photos of each job for documentation.

We Use Gentle, Low Pressure To Clean Your Surfaces.

When pressure washing a Lake Monroe roof, GENTLE is better. The goal is to clean your tile and shingle roof with the lowest pressure necessary to do the job. “High pressure” or “power” cleaning tile and shingle roofs removes the top surface of the roof tile, thereby reducing the life expectancy of your roof and, in many cases, impacting the warranty on your tile roof. If you live in Lake Monroe or Orlando Florida, gentle, low pressure roof cleaning is recommended to keep your roof healthy and clean.

We Use Eco-friendly Products That Protect Your Roof From Damage.

New Beginnings is a roof cleaning and sealing company that uses a combination of eco-friendly soap and highly diluted chlorine. This foam solution is gently sprayed on your tile roof, where it kills mold and algae and loosens dirt. After a few minutes, the foam is rinsed off with clean water and your Lake Monroe or Orlando roof is IMMEDIATELY clean! We also use preventative measures to ensure your landscaping is not damaged by the roof cleaning and sealing.

Professional Roof Cleaning Services in Lake Monroe, FL

We at New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning offer roof washing services designed to not only get rid of stains, dirt and grime but also remove moss, algae and other organic matter from your roof. Our roof cleaning services will restore your roof’s bright and clean appearance while preventing damage. We will help you improve the curb appeal of your home while reducing the risk of damage.
guy on roof
tarped bushes

The safe and affordable way to clean your roof

Tile roof cleaning requires a lot of care to avoid breaking or cracking of tiles. Specialized solutions are also required for roof moss removal as well as for stain removal. We apply advanced cleaning methods to achieve a spotless roof. We use a low pressure technique to clean the roof to eliminate the risk of damaging your roof. For shingle roof cleaning it is critical that you use low pressure to clean the roof. Using high pressure will cause excess granules from the shingle to be removed thus causing damage to your roof.
Our technicians are trained and experienced in cleaning various types of roofs. We have invested in state-of-the-art soft wash equipment to ensure safe and effective cleaning of your roof. We apply soft wash roof cleaning to avoid damaging roofs. We use specialized solutions to get rid of mold, mildew and algae. Contact us to learn more about our services. We’d be happy to give you a free estimate.