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Florida’s weather is great for hanging out and having fun in the sun. However, your property may not feel the same. The heat, humidity and rain can take a toll on your property’s exterior. The buildup of dirt, debris and organic matter such as algae and mold can make your property look old and unkempt.

New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning, Inc.

The team at New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning are experts at cleaning the exteriors of both residential and commercial buildings. We can do small projects like small residential homes to large Multi-Unit buildings of an entire community. Regardless of the size, we bring our expertise and training to bear to ensure the job get done correctly and the buildings look like new again. Our crews are trained to water and tarp sensitive areas to ensure nothing is damage during the cleaning process.

Exterior Cleaning
Our commercial pressure washing experience has allowed to be experts in cleaning not only buildings but all the groundwork that would include sidewalks, gutters and curbing. We are your one stop shop for getting your exterior cleaning needs met. The team at New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning will help breathe life into your property’s exterior.

At New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning we are experts in work with property managers and home owner association (HOA) boards. We make your life easier by communicating before, during and after to ensure everyone knows what is to be done and when. We have worked with hundreds of boards over the years and have built our business on the value we deliver to our customers and their communities. We also create a digital file with before & after photos of each job for documentation.

Our Services

Roof Maintenance Services in Lake Monroe FL

Roof Maintenance

Roofs are one of the most important parts of a property. They keep the elements out and protect the structure below.
Roof Cleaning Services in Lake Monroe FL

Roof Cleaning

Roofs are incredibly functional parts of our home. They keep us cool and comfortable during the hot Florida summers.

Paver Cleaning & Sealing Services in Lake Monroe FL

Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Pavers are an excellent choice for any landscape, residential or commercial. They are a great way to add color …

Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Lake Monroe FL

Commercial Pressure Washing

With our professional commercial pressure washing we can clean almost any surface and make it look new again.

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MsLady VMsLady V
16:45 13 Jul 22
Great company with lots of experience. They completed my roofing and full siding replacement. Would highly recommend for future work!

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