Splash Proof - Paver Coating

Whether it’s pavers on your driveway, walkway, pool deck or lanai, exposures to environmental contaminants and constant foot or vehicular traffic destroy the appearance of pavers. No longer you need to worry about constant pressure washing destroying your pavers’ surfaces. Splash Proof self-cleaning nanotechnology coating is a complete solution to keep them looking great for up to a period of 5 years.

Splash Proof has vast and extensive knowledge in using nanotechnology coating that protect and shield pavers from mold and mildew. Nanotechnology coating for your pavers also deliver the benefit of longer lifespan and protect it from future stains such as soda, juice, gum adhesion, and more.


Day 1
A certified technician checks and appraises the surface to verify the type of stain removal service is necessary. Next, the technicians use sanitizing and cleaning solutions to eliminate contaminates on the surface. After removing stains, dirt, mold and/or mildew, pressure washing and water rinsing is done to take away residues of detergents or acids, if they were used previously. Finally, the surface is left to completely dry for up to 24 hrs.

Day 2
Prior to the application of color enhancing nanotechnology coating. Certified technicians replenish any sand lost from cleaning to the paver joints. Upon completion of sanding and pavers are dry to the touch, the team begins application of the SP-22W water based nanotechnology coating or the SP-21S solvent based nanotechnology coating.


Splash Proof dries quickly in sunny locations within 2-3 hours with a curing time of 24-36 hours. Dark shaded areas, low temperatures, or higher humidity require more hours for drying process. The paver may be kept open to foot traffic in 2-3 hours and to vehicular traffic in 24-36 hours. For proper curing, Splash Proof suggests to turn off all sprinkler systems.


Splash Proof is a protectant that layers your pavers coating with a super hydrophobic coating thereby reducing mold and mildew. Periodic washing with plain water to keep the area clean is recommended. Acids, gasoline, hydraulic fluids, and motor oil spills need to be removed from the surface as soon as possible.