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  • What is power washing? +

    Power washing, or pressure washing, is the growing application of high pressure water spray. Produced by specially designed pumps, this spray is a hundred times more powerful than the typical garden hose. On concrete it is used to remove unsightly mold, bubble gum, and other dirt stains. Wooden decks are returned to the look of new wood, void of graying and fatigued finishes. And on houses, the appearance of siding (namely aluminum and vinyl) is greatly improved by removing pollution, mildew, and other signs of neglect.
  • What’s the difference ...“soft wash” or pressure washing? +

    Soft wash uses less than 10% the pressure of a normal pressure cleaner to clean sensitive surfaces with detergents. Soft wash aims to clean but not damage the surfaces like windows, shingle roofs
  • Why should I pay you for something I could do myself? +

    Power washing may seem like a pretty easy task at first, but once you begin it’s a different story. There are many questions to ask yourself: What kind of surface do I need washed? Do I need chemicals to get it clean? What size pressure washer do I need? Am I prepared to pay to rent a machine.
  • Are the chemicals you use dangerous? +

    We only use chemicals that are non hazardous to the environment. Your grass, plants and shrubs will not be affected.
  • I have seen other pressure washing jobs and you can see stripes? +

    No. We use what is called a surface cleaner. It is a piece of equipment that covers a larger area of concrete and basically replaces the use of a wand. This eliminates the possibility of the “stripes” in the concrete.
  • Do you offer package deals? +

    Yes. We will be more than happy to put together a package for you that suits your needs and your budget. Just let us know what you would like cleaned and we will present you with a free estimate.
  • Why should I choose New Beginnings? +

    We have over 20 Years of Experience. And for over two decades, we've addressed three industry areas. These areas are commercial businesses, residential owners, and homeowners association communities. Our specialties include the removal of mold, algae and mildew as the result of Florida's natural ecology, climatology, and fauna. Florida's property owners, communities, and businesses need a specialized level of service when addressing the state's unique environmental characteristics.
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  • Roof cleaning and the softwash process +

    The phrase NEW BEGINNINGS EXTERIOR CLEANING clean is representative of New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning chemical cleaning process. Our chemical cleaning agent is applied with our low-pressure application pump, which puts out less than 1/3 the pressure of the ordinary garden hose. This process should not be mistaken for pressure washing!
  • Roof cleaning and your roofing warranty +

    Our unique cleaning process is 100% safe for your roof and is the only process being recommended by all the roofing manufacturing companies. Also, this process will not void your manufacturing warranty.
  • Annual Maintenance Program +

    (or 12 Month Maintenance Program)Our maintenance program was designed to keep your roof looking spotless as well as new and to protect it from the damage caused by an algae and fungus growth. Upon the acceptance of the annual maintenance and the signing of this contract, the customer is entitled to 1. Annual treatments on your roof @ 10% off the initial cleaning costs. 2. Price protected for three years. 3. 100% transferable maintenance plan to new homeowner @ the same address. The homeowner handles contacting New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning to schedule treatment.
  • Maintenance Plan Guidelines +

    Maintenance service should be completed on a consecutive annual basis during the month marking the anniversary. New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning reserves the right to reschedule the annual maintenance services. If treatment is missed or canceled by the customer, New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning reserves the right to cancel the maintenance program. After the 5-year period, New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning reserves the right to adjust prices by inflation and the cost of business. This program does not include rust, oil or grease removal, stairs or any other surface except for roofs.
  • Scope of Work +

    The services to be performed are those agreed upon on the front of this agreement. Addition requested by the customer will be added to the contract as an additional charge. Please read this document completely to be sure each and every service you require is listed. If it is not listed, ask the representative to make a written amendment to the front of this document to communicate your service request.
  • Pre/Post Preparation, Tips and Recommendations +

    New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning has experienced certain conditions that we wish to point out before initiating service at your home. We have found that plant damage, associated with chemical exposure, can be eliminated. Eliminating plant damage requires the customer to make sure all landscape and lawn areas are watered thoroughly. The evening before our service and nightly the two weeks after our service, plants require a minimum of twenty minutes of watering per zone. Some exterior aluminum surfaces will show water stains and oxidation, this comes with age. Sometimes these spots are removable, other times they are not. Rust stains associated with irrigation systems are removable. However, rust stains from rusting cars, patio furniture or from fertilizer are usually permanent and cannot be removed. Grease/oil residue can be removed but even with the strongest of chemicals the grease spot leaves behind a permanent stain. Rust/grease removal is always an extra charge.
  • Scheduling +

    New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning is to arrange with the client an agreeable day for the work to start. Before technicians arrive to perform work customer agrees to make any and all arrangements to notify resident or employees of NEW BEGINNINGS EXTERIOR CLEANING’s work and ensuring the protection or removal of residents or employees property. New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning can provide a standard notification flyer for customer’s use if requested. The customer will be subject to additional charges if the following occurs. One, work is postponed due to customer, residents or customer’s employees non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this contract or notices. Two, if the client failed to notify appropriate parties and delays occur.
  • Plants +

    Our unique cleaning process is designed to clean, eradicate and prevent short-term mold and algae re-growth. Unfortunately on non-guttered roofs, plants and grass may experience some leaf loss or browning. This condition is only temporary. In the event that a plant does not show signs of recovery within 60 days, we will reimburse the client the replacement cost of the plant.
  • Plant Claims +

    Plant Claims must be submitted in writing to New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning within seven days of job completion. We will inspect damages within ten days of the complaint and take photos. We will observe plant for 60 days then reevaluate. If the plant does not show signs of recovery, we will reimburse the client cost of the plant. We are not responsible for plants located under leaky gutters. Be assured we take every precaution with your landscaping during our cleanings. Plant damage is rare.
  • Weather +

    Weather conditions are an important factor in our work environment. NEW BEGINNINGS EXTERIOR CLEANING may need to cancel their work due to rain, wind or lighting. Rescheduling will be done at NEW BEGINNINGS EXTERIOR CLEANING’s discretion and with notification to the client.
  • Property Damage Claims +

    Not responsible for exterior electrical outlets not properly sealed. Not responsible for leaky doors or windows. In the unlikely event of property damage, claims must be submitted in writing to New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning within ten days from the time of cleaning. Upon the conclusion of an investigation by New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning, New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning will make restitution utilizing New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning preferred contractors. If this becomes unsatisfactory to the customer, New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning will participate in legally binding arbitration. The signing of this agreement by the customer binds them likewise. Be assured New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning wishes to please customers by handling their claim in a professional manner.
  • Insurance +

    New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning carries all the proper licenses and insurances required.
  • Payment +

    All of New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning services are payable at the job site upon the completion of the scope of work. Non-payment of your account will exclude you from customer privileges like customer care and warranty claims. New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning has a no pay no, spray policy. If you are not at the job site location at the time of service and no payment arrangements have been made in advance, New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning will bypass your job for the day. Securing your job using a major credit card will prevent your job from being bypassed.
  • Collection of Payment +

    New Beginnings Exterior Cleaning reserves the right to place any unpaid account in collection. Client agrees to pay all collection costs, court costs, late fees, and interest, administrative and attorney fees that apply to the law.
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